6/11/2016 - The Minecraft Factions server is now in Public Beta. Join it at IP: with Minecraft 1.8.8 to play!

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NJTV PVP Factions Minecraft server
NJTV PVP Factions
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NJTV Vanilla Factions Public Server

NJTV Dedicated Servers
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We currently have a Minecraft 1.8.8 PVP Factions server.
We also can host an ARK, Reign of Kings, and have a public TeamSpeak server.
To play any on any Member Exclusive NJTV Minecraft server you must be a member of NJTV and join our TeamSpeak Server to get whitelisted. The connection information for all servers are in their respective TeamSpeak channel description on our TeamSpeak Server.


TeamSpeak 3



NJTV Member Exclusive Servers

Trident or Agrarian Skies Minecraft Server

We currently have a FTB Trident FFA PVP Server up. We can also host a FTB Agrarian Skies Skyblock server upon request. Message NurseJosh or an officer to get whitelisted as this is a Member Exclusive Server.

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Welcome to the NJ-TV homepage. Please join our teamspeak and forums. See you in-game!

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